Ceramics & Glass

Convent Gallery Daylesford Feb - May 2013  

Sunderland series: Kiln Slumped Glass


Dudley House Bendigo -'Place' Exhibition opening 2013


Glass Exhibition at Masons, Bendigo 2013




Glass & Ceramics:

Embodied Landscape; Shipley Art Gallery. UK  2012

Embodied Landscape

Sculpture: Mixed Media, Glass, Clay, Wax, Wire, Paint, Plaster and Fabric.

Julie Andrew’s explores themes relating to the experience of landscape and the perceptions and associations it evokes within us. This work investigates the layered narratives we attach to a landscape, as a place where we project our feelings, desires, moods, memories and histories: an embodied landscape. The glass and ceramic figures remind us that our body is where we store sensations about how we experience or feel in a landscape. Clay is used because of its association to our humanness, mortality and imperfection. Juxtaposed against this is the glass, transparent, fragile and deceptive, suggesting transcendence, the numinous and the sublime. The fragmented arrangement requires time to consider and invites the viewer to ponder and notice personal associations, narratives and interpretations.

Ceramics 2011

Mycenaean Inspired Figures -Coil built figures with slip colouring 2011

Primitive Figures 1 & 2

Raku Red clay: coil built figures with oxide colouring 2011
Sisyphus: Raku clay, glazes and firing 2011

 Torso: Mould built, Raku clay, glazes and firing 2011: